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Sports Hall

About Sportshall

Sportshall Athletics is an indoor form of Track and Field Athletics for children between the ages of 4 and 16.  It was created by George Bunner MBE to provide a safe and warm environment for young athletes to train during the winter months.  It quickly developed into a team competition starting in 1976 with the first UK Finals in 1984.  

Today an estimated 1 million youngsters compete in the Schools framework based on fitness and multi skills development encouraging youngsters to become involved in athletics.  It has always promoted friendship and competition whilst also having fun.  Sportshall associates was formed by Eveque as a non profit company to take responsibility for delivery and administration of the programme.

District Events

In Avon there are primary and secondary (years 7&8) competitions set up across all 4 Unitary authorities.  Cluster competitions lead to an annual Level 3 School Games for winning school teams (organised by Wesport).


Avon Schools

An annual Avon Secondary Schools Sportshall Championships is held (usually at Bristol Grammar School) in January or February for individual athletes.  This is an open entry competition for Under 13 and under 15 youngsters.  Athletes may also be invited from the many schools competitions held from September though to January.

Regional and National Events

Avon Schools County teams are selected to represent the County at the South West regional team championships.

At primary level a trial is held to select athletes for each event.

At secondary level the teams are made up of 12 boys and 12 girls at Under 13 level (years 7&8) and 7 boys and 7 girls at Under 15 level (years 9&10)

The winning County teams from the Secondary South West Championships compete at the UK Sportshall finals at the NEC in April.


For further information please contact your County Sportshall Coordinators:

Mr David Turner   dgt56@hotmail.com

Miss Susan Jones  sbj23@hotmail.co.uk

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